Betcris and MLB collaborate on new experiences and benefits for Season 2023

Betcris, the first and only Major League Baseball sponsor for Latin America in the gaming category, is proud to announce its partnership for the 2023 Season. The partnership between Betcris and MLB has been successful in recent years, and this year is expected to further enhance the experience for Betcris customers.

Randall Aguilar, director of sponsorships at Betcris, indicated that "for the 2023 Season, MLB and Betcris are excited to test new experiences and benefits for Betcris customers. The league is currently working on openness issues that will allow Betcris to have a greater brand presence and better integration in digital." In addition, Aguilar made it clear that surprises are in the works that could further benefit the customer experience throughout the season. The exact details of these new experiences and benefits will be confirmed at a later date.

During the World Baseball Classic 2023 in Miami, both parties reaffirmed their interest in continuing to work together to mold this sponsorship into something that truly makes a difference for Betcris customers. In recent years, Betcris has worked hand-in-hand with MLB to offer unique experiences to its customers and partners. For the 2023 Season, a number of experiences have been planned such as the Mexico Series, the London Series, All-Star Week 2023 in Seattle, some regular season series highlights, the 2023 Playoffs and the 2023 World Series.

Betcris won the 2022 Sponsorship of the Year at the SBC Awards Latin America in Miami, thanks to its partnership with MLB and has demonstrated steady growth and successful positioning of Betcris and MLB in the markets where the sponsorship applies. Betcris customers and partners have enjoyed exciting events such as All-Star Week 2021 in Colorado, the 2021 Playoffs, the 2021 World Series, and some regular season series in 2021 and 2022 at the customer's convenience. In addition, events such as All-Star Week 2022 in Los Angeles, the 2022 Playoffs, the 2022 World Series, the 2022 Home Run Derby X 2022 in Mexico, and the semifinals and final of the 2023 World Baseball Classic, have been experienced with enthusiasm by Betcris customers.

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